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Overall: 55 H x 21 W x 18 D

The hidden dictionary book safe by Barska features a solid steel construction in a compact lightweight design. This compact safe is disguise to appear like a hard back dictionary book. From the exterior this safe looks like the standard English dictionary. The exterior is made of real paper molded interior pages. On the inside is a strong compact steel safe. This easily portable design can be stored and hidden in plain view for safekeeping. Included with the safe is a set of keys. Ideal for... Overall: 9.5 H x 6.25 W x 2.25 D

Exterior: Black powder coat finish. Chrome plated five spoke handle. Chrome plated hinge caps

Heavy duty hidden wall safe. Fits between wall studs. Easy to program electronic lock. Larger than the competition. Overall: 16 H x 16 W x 4 D


Protex IF-1212C in-ground floor safe. This floor safe is the smallest model in our line of floor safes. Overall: 12.25 H x 9.5 W x 9.5 D


HomCom Electronic Digital Safe Box is a cost effective yet secure way of ensuring your belongings stay safe. A great compact size for use in your home, office or business; for storing documents, cash, hand guns, jewelry and other costly or sensitive items. Quality constructed with higher end features such as heavy duty solid steel walls; interior mount tamper proof hinges; digital locking mechanism programmable with up to an 8 digit PIN; heavy duty chrome steel pin bolts locking mechanism... Overall: 6.75 H x 9 W x 6.75 D

The XX-Large Water/Fire-resistant safe provides reliable protection for important documents and valuables. The safe includes backlit dual electronic lock with key, pry-resistant hinge bar and 6 large 1" bolts, so you can feel confident your most important items are protected. Overall: 23.8 H x 19.3 W x 18.6 D

For a low-profile safe that doesnt sacrifice strength, Mesa Safes all steel residential and hotel burglary safe is the perfect investment! Its compact and user friendly, making it an excellent choice for hotels, universities, hospitals, and homeowners. These safes are hassle free, maintenance free, and can be mounted to a shelf, cabinet, wall, or floor. 2 Bolts included for installation Standard hotel room configuration: customer sets a new combination, quickly and easily, every time the safe is used Convenient motorized locking system incorporates the latest technology with an easy to read, large LED display that exhibits the status of the safe


The Honeywell Steel Security Digital Lock Safe 1.1 CuFt provides storage and safety for your valuables. The safe is the perfect blend of functionality and style. It can be used in most offices and homes.nnThe Steel Security Digital Lock Safe 1.1 CuFt by Honeywell is made from steel that ensures excellent durability. The safe has a digital lock with a LED readout that is powered by four AA batteries and keeps its contents secure. The 1.1 cubic feet size of the safe provides excellent storage... Overall: 8 H x 19.5 W x 15.8 D

Decorative tri-spoke handle Two hour fire rating at 350 F by K.S. Door seal expands up to 8 times original thickness when exposed to heat, sealing safe contents from harm

Keep valuables safe and secure with the Compact Security Safe with Electronic and Key Lock. The compact dimensions of this safe allow it to be concealed in out-of-the-way places while providing enough storage space within to house multiple items. The user-friendly digital keypad retains 1 PIN Code for accessing the safe, and can also be opened with the included backup keys. Two solid steel locking bolts provide extra security against tampering, and 4 mounting holes allow the safe to be secured... Overall: 8 H x 12 W x 12.25 D

Protect your treasured belongings and documents with the Premium Security Safe with Electronic Lock by Stalwart! This password protected safe is ideal for home, business, and travel, and is a great way to securely store cash, jewelry, documents, passports, and more. The safe can be mounted to the floor or wall for added security, and also comes with two manual override keys so that you can always retrieve your belongings when needed. Rest easy knowing that your valuable assets are protected. Overall: 7.9 H x 12.2 W x 7.9 D

Prevent the loss or destruction of your critical business papers by storing them in this fire-safe, black security file. For privacy, the file is fitted with a key lock. Overall: 13.6 H x 15.3 W x 12.1 D

Gardalls burglary and fire resistant (GBF) safes are Gardalls premier model in quality and function. They can withstand temperatures of 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit with an interior temperature not exceeding 270 degrees Fahrenheit (paper chars at 405 degrees Fahrenheit) for up to an hour and the cool down period. In addition to fire protection, these safes also carry an Underwriters Laboratories Residential Security Container Burglary label. Overall: 38.25 H x 23 W x 26.25 D

Protect your important documents no matter how you store them. This safe features USB connectivity allowing you to keep USB drives and portable hard drives protected even while in use. Additionally, it also features a programmable electronic lock, 4 large bolts and a pry-resistant hinge bar to help prevent theft to sensitive materials. Overall: 17.8 H x 16.3 W x 19.3 D

Product Type: Security safe Exterior Finish: Black Interior Finish: Black Powder Coated Finish: No Gloss Finish: No

This tracker safe deposit safe is ideal for businesses with cash deposits. Good for small important documents. Small in size to mount virtually anywhere youd like to. Overall: 12 H x 6 W x 8 D


Overall: 59 H x 30 W x 26 D

Black door with bronze powder coat body 2-Hour fireproof Interior adjustable shelves Door detente device automatically locks safe Anchor bolt for bolting safe to the floor

Theft-resistant fire and water chest provides peace of mind knowing your important documents and belongings are safe and sound. The chest interior is designed to hold standard letter-size papers and keep them flat. Also suitable to safeguard computer discs, USB flash drives and other data storage devices. The chest comes equipped with a waterproof seal along the opening that keeps your valuables dry--even when the chest is fully submerged. This is great for protecting your documents if theres... Overall: 5.75 H x 16.1 W x 12.75 D

Fast, secure, reliable mini safe makes keys a thing of the past. Mini bio metric fingerprint safe is made of solid steel, laser cut, pry-resistant, seamlessly welded with military scratch resistant finish. It offers top of the line locking system - upgraded 500 DPI optical fingerprint reader, digital keypad and LCD display. The locking deadbolts are motorized and reinforced by 2 anti-pry insertion slots for added security. It opens fast with your fingerprint, a PIN code or key. Non-volatile... Overall: 8 H x 13 W x 8 D

California-approved Firearm Safety Device that meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and the regulations issued thereunder. Fully-carpeted, single-partition safe with two compartments can be configured to hold guns in both compartments, storage in all compartments, or half guns and half storage. Overall: 59 H x 29.25 W x 25.5 D

Protect valuables and belongings with the Biometric Keypad Security Safe with Electronic and Key Lock. The Safe features an all-new module that provides both a Biometric fingerprint scanner and a numeric digital keypad. The Security Safes advanced biosecure technology will only recognize the fingerprints that have been programmed into the safe, and the user-created Pin code acts as a backup in case the safe needs to be accessed by someone whose fingerprint has not been registered. Overall: 9 H x 16.5 W x 17 D


Luminous exterior and sleek, stylish design with rounded corners, recessed handle and smooth lifting lid. Removable compartment tray has convenient underneath storage. Ideal for cash, coins, valuables and supplies. Easily transportable, storable and stackable. Overall: 4 H x 12.13 W x 8.75 D


Designed to secure items such as tablet computers, important documents, a wallet, credit cards, cell phone or other valuables while you are on the go. As an added security feature, entering any wrong code three times results in a sixty second lockout, followed by a five minute lockout if any incorrect code is entered again. Overall: 12.13 W x 12.5 D

Overall: 59 H x 35.25 W x 26.75 D

Overall: 57 H x 33.75 W x 24 D

The Tiered Tray Cash Box Key Lock features durable steel construction with a scratch- and chip-resistant powder coat finish. The cash box features a push-button catch/release that keeps the lid closed even when unlocked. The compact design allows for easy transport and comes with 2 keys. Overall: 3.7 H x 9.8 W x 12.1 D


For managing your keys in a variety of applications, including parking garages, valet, managing a fleet of vehicles, among others, security is of the utmost importance. To deter theft and abuse, FireKing key cabinets provide the same tough security as FireKing safes and files. Each cabinet features a unique key drop slot for afterhours security. They are made with heavy gauge steel with a silver vein textured powder coat finish. The key cabinet has a theft-resistant locking mechanism to keep... Overall: 9.88 H x 8 W x 3 D

Gardalls small front loading depository safe is designed to provide immediate protection for cash while the door remains locked. To operate the front loader simply open the drop door by pulling it forward and placing items inside. Close it and then check after to make sure items have dropped. This safe also has Class B insurance burglary resistant features following the Broad Form and Mercantile Safe Insurance classifications. Please note that this depository is meant for quick cash... Triple bolt work from the door into the safe Four anchoring holes in the base

The new 0.17 Cu. Ft. Steel Security Safe with Combination Lock and interior storage space features a spy-proof three number combination dial that will prevent thieves and other unwanted intruders from attempting to view the combination when being entered by a user. For unparalleled security. Organize valuables with the removable shelf inside. Insert the shelf to provide extra storage and organization for smaller valuables and remove the shelf when the storage of larger items is necessary. With... Overall: 14 H x 16 W x 12.8 D

This personal safe is great for the secure storage of cash, jewelry, and other valuable items. It was specifically designed for the safekeeping of important objects. This safe includes pre-drilled holes for bolt down and also includes a bolt down kit. Overall: 8 H x 12 W x 12 D


Gardalls commercial high security safes are raised to a higher standard, with many of their competitors optional features coming standard to make a more secure safe. They are designed to protect valuable items, such as jewelry or money or important documents, from burglary attempts. The TL-30 safes are TL-30 Underwriters Laboratories listed, meaning they can resist sophisticated tool attacks for half an hour. Door is 5 thick containing a 3 slab of TDRII - a special formulation of high density Barrier material with fiber reinforcement With cross locking re-lockers and tempered glass re-locking trigger

When your cash is on the move, whether youre operating a retail booth, are moving cash from till to safe, or have other mobility needs, it is difficult to also keep it secure. For peace of mind and cash security, FireKing cash boxes offer a way to transport or collect cash in a safe and secure manner. Rely on the same tough security that you expect from full size FireKing safes. This cash box features a 6 compartment tray that is removable, and secures with a key lock. The cash box is made... Overall: 3.9 H x 9.8 W x 7.4 D

California approved firearms safety device that meets the requirements of California penal code section 12088 and the regulations issued thereunder. 3-point locking system with double-bitted, key coded lock provides greater security. Overall: 10.75 H x 15.37 W x 3.87 D


RD-2410 Protex B-rated rotary hopper depository safes are designed for ease of use and are a great choice for convenient stores, hotels/motels, churches, gas stations, car-wash, restaurants and more. The safe is equipped with laser cut 0.5 inch steel plate door, spring loaded re-locker and chrome plated heavy-duty steel locking bolts as well as an anti-drill lock plate. Overall: 24 H x 10.25 W x 14.25 D

Gardalls medium back loading depository safe is designed to provide immediate protection for cash while the door remains locked. To operate the back loader simply open the drop door by pulling it forward and placing items inside. Close it and then check after to make sure items have dropped. This safe also features Class B insurance burglary resistance following the Broad Form and Mercantile Safe Insurance classifications. Please note that this depository is meant for quick cash security... Overall: 36.5 H x 14.5 W x 13 D